Transgrancaria Ultratrail 2014 With Avi and Muc

The Spanish island of Grancanaria will host the North Face Transgrancanaria 2014 on 1st and 2nd of March. Runners will join five races: Promo, Starter, Marathon, Advanced and main race Transgrancanaria. The race is one of the highlights in the national and European racing calendar. Participants will enjoy the trail of 125 kilometers and more than

Two Slovenian long distance runners will join the fun – David Kadunc Avi and Aljoša Smolnikar Muc. We wish them light feet and clear head and we hope that they will finish with the smile on their faces.

18th Ljubljana Marathon, Part Two: And Then There Were Rabbits

We told you – there are rabbits running marathons. In case of 18th Ljubljana marathon there were some ultrarunning friends at work.

After running Spartathlon, Zagreb – Vukovar and other races in recent weeks they still had energy and good will to act as a pace makers and help fellow runners achieve their goals. Thank you guys!

18th Ljubljana Marathon, Part One: A Fine Day for a Run

The Ljubljana Marathon is the biggest running event in Slovenia. It is a celebration of high spirits and a good will of participants from all generations.It’s 18th edition this weekend was marked with fine weather, a record field and a lot of familiar faces from ultrarunning community on and beside the course. Instead of words we’ll let the photos tell the story. Photos are gathered from official and personal sources. Wherever possible their authors are credited. Thank you girls and guys for cheering up the runners and taking lots of pictures. We appreciate it.

3rd Ultramaratona del Tricolore in Reggio Emilia

The Podistica Biasola Club from Reggio Emilia in Italy will host the 3rd edition of the “Ultramaratona del Tricolore”.

On Saturday, October 26th 2013 the runners will join events on 6 and 12 or 100 kilometers. The 12 hours event also goes as the Italian UITA Championships for the year 2013 so we except quite a fierce competition at this race.

All events will be held at the “Pista avviamento al Ciclismo Giannetto Cimurri” near the Reggio Emilia Airport.

Slovenian runners Toni Perušič] and David Pehnec will be at the event joining 12 hours and 100 kilometers races respectively.

Created for Movement: a new book by Grega Hočevar is about you and your body

Grega Hočevar is a triathlete, an Ironman finisher, an organizer of sports events, a sports expert as a personal trainer and as a society worker. He is a former secretary of the Slovenian Triathlon Association. He also has a degree in Physics which brings us to his newest achievement. Ciceron Publishing recently published his book titled “Created for Movement”.

We recommend that you grab your copy of the book because it is a perfect mix of lessons, explanations, examples, stories and anecdotes. You will read it, learn from it and come back from time to time to be reminded about what, how and why you can do something.

12th Memorial Ultramarathon from Zagreb to Vukovar – 344 km in 5 stages

Today, on Tuesday, October 15th 2013 runners have started their journey from Zagreb to Vukovar in Croatia. Their trek will take them on a 344.1 kilometers long voyage. The race is held by the Association of Croatian War Veterans in the remembrance of all the victims during this war.

Slovenian runner Miro Režonja will join the race and try his best. He is a veteran of this event and is well prepared to finish it in style.

35th Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii, October 12th 2013

Saturday, October 12th at 6:30 AM. The waters of Kailua are alive. A small pack of professional triathletes is just starting their
race to find out who is the best. Five minutes after them women pros will start. Ana at 7 AM everybody else, lovingly named age groupers, will join the party.

3,8 kilometers of swimming in high waves, then 180 kilometers of cycling on the rolling roads through gusty wind, and after that a full running marathon under the scorching sun.

More Spartathlon 2013 stories and photos

As the Spartathlon 2013 race weekend slowly fades into the history we are still full of impressions and memories from this great event. Since we were not actually there we mus be satisfied with what people who ran the race tell us. Their words are full of awe and joy and give us the inspiration for our future running kilometers.

Succesfull Slovenian appearances at 17th Belgrade Ultramarathon of Self Transcendence

On the weekend from October 5th to October 6th 2013 the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Serbia Team hosted the 17th Belgrade Ultramarathon of Self Transcendence with the strong presence of runners from Slovenia.

As is usual with events held by Sri Chinmoy the air at Ušće Park was full of quiet and gentle determination. The runners had a choice of running for 6, 12 or 24 hours but the track was the same for everybody. Two kilometers round loop. It was a question of will.

A lot of work was done at the 2nd Ultra Workday at Planina

As we announced earlier Saturday the 5th of October 2013 was a busy day. The morning shift worked from 8 AM till 4 PM going up and down the hill at the Planina near Vrhnika.

And a lot of work was done. The race director Marko Perko reports that 52 workers showed up for the work, 22 female and 30 male pairs of capable hands (and legs). Their total climbs count was 305 with 122.000 combined altitude meters climbed (and descended too),

Really impressive figures. If all companies were so productive…