12th Memorial Ultramarathon from Zagreb to Vukovar – 344 km in 5 stages

12th Memorial Ultramarathon Zagreb - Vukovar 2013

12th Memorial Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar 2013

Today, on Tuesday, October 15th 2013 runners have started their journey from Zagreb to Vukovar in Croatia. Their trek will take them on a 344.1 kilometers long voyage. The race is held by the Association of Croatian War Veterans in the remembrance of all the victims during this war.

Slovenian runners  and will join the race and try their best.

Boris won the event on the last two occasions. His goal is to win it for a third time in a row. If he succeeds he will gain the permanent possession of the winner’s cup.

10th Ultramarathon Zagreb - Vukovar, winner Boris Ivanovič receives the cup

10th Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar, winner Boris Ivanovič receives the cup

Miro is also a veteran of this event and is well prepared to finish it in style.

There are only six starters. We think that this is a sign of a demanding race and difficult social conditions in the area. We sincerely hope that the race will be held the next ear and that there will be more starters. Maybe reading these reports will motivate you to join them?

We wish them all good luck.

The stages are:

Stage #DateFromToDIstance
1October 15th 2013Zagreb (Kustošija)Ivanić Grad50,6 km
2October 16th 2013Ivanić GradNovska72,0 km
3October 17th 2013NovskaSlavonski Brod90,5 km
4October 18th 2013Slavonski BrodOsijek84,0 km
5October 19th 2013OsijekVukovar (Ovčara)47,0 km

We will follow the race and post updates as they become available.

All photos are courtesy of the UDHOS-Zagreb and the organizers of the Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar.

Boris Ivanovič
Miro Režonja
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  1. Ahhh, I’ll be in Zagreb day after tomorrow 😀

  2. Good luck to you – I look forward to hearing the results and seeing photos! What a remarkable race and one that I would love to see, if I were closer!

  3. I don’t think so, running 344 km in 5 days. I want to live until I’m in my 90’s but I’ll stick with shorter distances :)

    • Ultrarunning Slovenia says:

      :) As long as you are moving along and doing something for yourself and your health …
      On the other side – you have time. Like with everything essential in life – you come to it gradually, step by step.

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