35th Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii, October 12th 2013

Saturday, October 12th at 6:30 AM. The waters of  Kailua are alive. A small pack of professional triathletes is just starting their
race to find out who is the best. Five minutes after them women pros will start. Ana at 7 AM everybody else, lovingly named age groupers,  will join the party.

3,8 kilometers of swimming in high waves, then 180 kilometers of cycling on the rolling roads through gusty wind, and after that a full  running marathon under the scorching sun.

Welcome to 35th Ironman World Championship 2013 at Kona, Hawaii.

(Video of the Ironman 2010 World Championship by NBC Philip Glass and Sound System)

564 women and 1569 men will be at the start for a total of 2133. More than 5000 volunteers will help them reach their goals.

David Pleše

David Pleše

This year nine Slovenian athletes will be among best of the best. We will follow them all and root for them from start to the finish. David Pleše who is currently the best Slovenian long distance triathlete will start in a select group of 52 pros.

The time difference between Central Europe and Hawaii is twelve hours. So it will be an evening show for us in Slovenia which will go well into the night. The first will finish sometime before 3 PM Hawaii local time which is 3 AM in the morning on Sunday.

Dear Ironnwomen and Ironmen waiting to start at Kona. We wish you a calm see, light breeze on the bike and clouds covered skies on the run. Since none of this will happen we wish you all the luck, a great race and a successful finish.

PS: Ultrarunning Slovenia in not a ‘Run Only Zone’. We honor all endurance and long distance sports and events. Triathletes as the most versatile athletes merit our special attention and respect.

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  1. This event I actually was familiar with. One of my friends lives there and has, in the past, volunteered at the event. Here’s to a safe, inspiring competition!

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