8 Hours Ultra Workday at Planina, October 5th 2013

Planina is a small hill above Vrhnika. On Saturday, the 5th of October 2013 it will be occupied by a select group of ultrarunners. They will start their Ultra Workday as the event has been named by it’s founder Marko Perko.

The goal is simple. Get to the top and back to starting point and back to top and … as many times as possible in 8 hours.

The height difference is 430 meters and the course is 3,5 kilometers long.

First edition was held last year on September 29th. Top worker, titled director, was Alen Božič who managed to get to the top 11 times in 7 hours and 33 minutes. That’s around 4730 height meters and 38,5 kilometers. Amazing.

This year Marko and his team of volunteers at this self-organized event expect around 80 participants. Good luck to them all and a happy work day.

Video of 2012 event by Runner’s Forum Slovenia member Makalu:

More info:

Invitation at Runner’s Forum Slovenia

Bib number for the event:

Bib number for 2nd Ultra Workday at Planina

Bib number for 2nd Ultra Workday at Planina

PS: The original title of the event in Slovenian language is “Ultra šiht na Planini”. The term “šiht” comes from German schicht and means something like ‘a hard working day’.


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  1. I would love to be able to run up and down a mountain side once again. I’m afraid I’ve not exercised enough to be able to this anymore, but I would love to watch!
    This past week I went hiking in a rural area of Montana, mostly flat ground, but there were a few hills that made me feel really good to hike up and down. Just that little bit was exhilarating for me…. but I can only imagine the exhilaration of doing this for 8-hours – what a race!
    I’m really enjoying your updates, Ervin – thanks so much for sharing a part of the world I’ve never seen before!


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