A lot of work was done at the 2nd Ultra Workday at Planina

2nd Ultra Workday at Planina - female workers after work

2nd Ultra Workday at Planina – female workers after work

As we announced earlier Saturday the 5th of October 2013 was a busy day. The morning shift worked from 8 AM till 4 PM going up and down the hill at the Planina near Vrhnika.

And a lot of work was done. The race director Marko Perko reports:

  • 52 workers showed up for the work, 22 female and 30 male pairs of capable hands (and legs),
  • climbs total: 305
  • combined altitude meters climbed: 122.000 (and descended too),
  • kilometers count: 1.710
  • average climbs per worker: 5.8

Really impressive figures. If all companies were so productive…

The most productive workers were:


  1. Ivi Hrastovec – Ivč – ultra director – 11 climbs
  2. Marjan Šebenik – Sukar – ultra foreman – 11 climbs
  3. Miha Vidali- Scooby- ultra worker – 11 climbs


  1. Helena Fritz Križanec – Hoja – ultra directores- 9 climbs
  2. Maja Peperko – Vrtnica23 – ultra forewoman – 9 climbs
  3. Polona Trobec – Loni – ultra worker – 9 climbs

Some of the workers even had time to measure distance and altitude meters. The unofficial measurement was:

  • course length (one direction): 5.4 km
  • cumulative height meters for one climb: 431.67

So the best three workers who managed to reach the summit 11 times in 8 hours collected 56.7 kilometers, climbed up for 4748.37 meters and down for 4316.7 for a grand total of 9065.07 meters. That’s what we call productivity.

In next days we’ll add full official results and more photos.

Makalu already put up a video of the event:

Polona Mlakar published some photos of best workers:

Congratulations to all of you. You really were a good working team.

Read more at Runner’s Forum Slovenia.

To finish on a high note – all collected entry fees money will go to Anina zvezdica (Ana’s Star) Charity Foundation which is helping children and families in need. Congratulations once more.

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  1. Wow! Impressive! I am having fun learning more about ultrarunning. Thanks for posting.

  2. I so envy you for having such an enthusiastic crew!


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