Created for Movement: a new book by Grega Hočevar is about you and your body

Grega Hočevar as an active top level triathlete

Grega Hočevar as an active top level triathlete

About author

Grega Hočevar is a triathlete, an Ironman finisher, an organizer of sports events, a sports expert as a personal trainer and as a society worker. He is a former secretary of the Slovenian Triathlon Association. He also has a degree in Physics which brings us to his newest achievement. Ciceron Publishing recently published his book titled “Created for Movement“.

As Grega tells us in the foreword of his book:

Sport gave me all and this book is a way to pay back with interest.

Created for Movement - a book by Grega Hočevar

Created for Movement – a book by Grega Hočevar

The book

Three major sections of this book outline it’s content:

  • a human body,
  • training,
  • where are the limits?

First section is telling us a story about our body. It’s premise is that only when we understand how our body is working then are we able to manage it and control it. We learn that “things are much simpler as they seem at the first sight” but “human body is a complicated mechanism and reading about it can’t be an easy task”.

A human body

The basics are covered here. From body structure and composition, atoms, molecules, blood, heart … to … biomechanics, muscles, structure, activation and dimensional physiology.

Afterwards the author builds on the basics, includes many research results and gives practical examples. He does all that in a direct and non-boring way which is a blessing.

For example: how much sleep do we need?

Grega’s answer is: seven hours and a half hour plus additional twenty minutes for each hour of physical activity per day. Do you sleep enough?

Do you know what Kleiber’s law is? Read the book and you’ll find out. While reading the book you’ll learn a lot more about yourself.

At the same time you’ll laugh, be amazed at some facts and insights and have an overall great time.

Should you read this book?

We recommend that you grab your copy of the book because it is a perfect mix of lessons, explanations, examples, stories and anecdotes. You will read it, learn from it and come back from time to time to be reminded about what, how and why you can do something.

Unfortunately for our international readers the book is (at the time) only available in Slovenian language. Maybe, with your support, the publisher can be persuaded to translate it into English. We think that it is well worth translating. The book has a wide audience and it should be also financially feasible to publish it at the English reading market.

We do hope that the publisher will recognize the opportunity. This kind of book should reach as many readers as possible.

PS: Show your support with your comments, ask questions about the book. We will pass your enthusiasm to the author and to the publisher 😉

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