Day three, the longest stage of Zagreb – Vukovar Ultramarathon 2013

12th Memorial Ultramarathon Zagreb - Vukovar, Stage 2 - Boris Ivanovič and Miro Režonja running through the rain

12th Memorial Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar, Stage 2 – Boris Ivanovič and Miro Režonja running through the rain

As we are writing this report the official results of Day three of the 12th Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar are not published yet. But ‘s wife Zdenka Režonja tells us that runners have finished the third and the longest stage of the race. After 90,5 kilometers the first at the finish in Slavonski Brod was in the time of 8 hours and 14 minutes, second was Elvis Rakipović in 9:29 and third in 10:31.

We will post full results as they become available.

In the meantime we invite you to browse through the gallery at UDHOS Zagreb’s page. The organizers have added the photos from yesterday’s stage when at the times athletes were running through the pouring rain. It is an amazing feat they are accomplishing. Congratulations to them all!

Results of Stage 3: Novska to Slavonski Brod, 90,5 km

1Boris IvanovičSLO08:14:25
2Elvir RakipovićCRO09:29:57
3Miro RežonjaSLO10:31:42
4Mirko ErvačićCRO10:42:41
5Ivo AničićCRO10:58:25
Duško ŠtrbacCRODNF

Before the runners is stage four with 84 kilometers from Slavonski Brod to Osijek. The runners say that this is the hardest part of the race..

Addendum from October 18th 2013:

We found out that Duško Štrbac dropped out of the race half way through the stage. So five runners remain in the competition. Nonetheless Duško will start tomorrow and run the hardest stage of the event. That is the spirit. Good luck to you, Duško.

All photos are courtesy of the UDHOS-Zagreb and the organizers of the Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar.

Miro Režonja
Boris Ivanovič
Miro Režonja
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  1. Hmm, are Ultrarunners comparable to Ironman ? It really looks like an endurance sport to me.

    • Ultrarunning Slovenia says:

      Comparisons are always a problem. You have to consider on distance, profile, tempo, weather conditions, … Even Ironman events between themselves are sometimes hard to compare.

      OK, to answer your question. Of course they are :) Iroman events last from 8 hours for pros to 16+ hours for ordinary guys like you and me. With ultramarathons it depends a lot on course length and profile. I would say that all ultramarathon events where an average times is around or more that 12 hours easily compare to Ironman.

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