First two days are behind the runners at the Zagreb – Vukovar Ultramarathon 2013

Six runners at the 12th Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar successfully finished first two stages. 122.6 kilometers from Zagreb to Ivanić-Grad and then to Novska are behind them.

Sunny first day of running was followed by a rainy and quite cold Wednesday. It was who first crossed the finish line on both days as came third.

12th Memorial Ultramarathon Zagreb - Vukovar 2013, Boris Ivanovič first in Ivanić-Grad

12th Memorial Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar 2013, Boris Ivanovič first in Ivanić-Grad

Results of Stage 1: Zagreb to Ivanić-Grad, 50.6 km

1Boris IvanovičSLO04:13:35
2Elvir RakipovićCRO04:27:21
3Miro RežonjaSLO04:44:48
4Mirko ErvačićCRO05:04:59
5Duško ŠtrbacCRO05:12:33
6Ivo AničićCRO05:24:59

Results of Stage 2: Ivanić-Grad to Novska, 72 km

1Boris IvanovičSLO06:00:38
2Elvir RakipovićCRO07:03:06
3Miro RežonjaSLO07:08:01
4Mirko ErvačićCRO07:28:12
5Duško ŠtrbacCRO07:59:32
6Ivo AničićCRO08:03:05

Current standings

1Boris IvanovičSLO10:14:13
2Elvir RakipovićCRO11:30:27
3Miro RežonjaSLO11:52:49
4Mirko ErvačićCRO12:33:11
5Duško ŠtrbacCRO13:12:05
6Ivo AničićCRO13:28:04

More info

The Croatian War Veterans Association page

All photos are courtesy of the UDHOS-Zagreb and the organizers of the Ultramarathon Zagreb – Vukovar.

Boris Ivanovič
Miro Režonja
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