More Spartathlon 2013 stories and photos

As the Spartathlon 2013 race weekend slowly fades into the history we are still full of impressions and memories from this great event. Since we were not actually there we mus be satisfied with what people who ran the race tell us. Their words are full of awe and joy and give us the inspiration for our future running kilometers.

Mike Morton’s story

Mike Morton minutes before the start of Spartathlon 2013

Mike Morton minutes before the start of Spartathlon 2013

Mike was one of the favorites for this year’s Spartathlon. He tells us a great story of how he started the race in high spirits and with according pace. But unfortunately after a good fifth of the race was behind him a stray dog jumped in front of him on the road which resulted in a misfortune landing and a compression of his lower back.

After some more painful kilometers Mike was forced to drop out of the race. He joined Chad Ricklefs’s crew and remained an active participant. As he recollects his feelings he wasn’t angry and he is determined to come back next year.

Mike also tells us about great spirit of the race, about international feeling and about great hospitality of Greek hosts.

Read all about it in Mike’s report from Spartathlon 2013.

Photos from awards ceremony

posted two photos from the awards ceremony which was held in Sparta on the evening after the race. Who could tell that this guys were running for almost 30 hours and almost 250 kilometers just hours before.

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Szilvia Lubics

Hungarian media followed closely the success of their Szilvia. She was able to repeat her victory form 2011. We publish the links to some of them: and,

More photos

Lots of photos are published as a slideshow at the official Spartathlon page. Our friends from published even more from the race itself (part 1 and part 2) and the closing ceremony at their Facebook page.

Lojze Primožič
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  1. Thanks for sharing Mike’s story and the photos! It helps me appreciate the physical condition someone must be in to compete in a 30-hour, 250km race and, the incredible spirit of a competitor who drops out of the race due to an unfortunate spill. All that training and anticipation for nothing, yet true to Mike’s passion for the sport, he vows to return next year…that’s fortitude!

  2. Ultrarunning Slovenia says:

    You are right, Joyce. These people are incredibly physically and mentally prepared. Yet they are ordinary persons with families and day time jobs.
    With a bit of a stretch of imagination I could say that everybody can do it. Maybe not run a Spartathlon but half marathon or marathon is certainly doable for everybody.

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