17th Belgrade Ultramarathon of Self Transcendence

17th Belgrade Ultramarathon 2013:: Miha Podgornik and Toni Perušič

17th Belgrade Ultramarathon 2013: Miha Podgornik and Toni Perušič

Belgrade and the organizers from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Serbia Team will host 17th Ultramarathon of Self Transcendence this weekend, from October 5th to October 6th 2013.

The races will be held at the Ušće Park on the exactly 2 kilometers long course. participants can choose to enter 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours runs. There is also an 12 hours relay event available.

Several runners from Slovenia will join the party in Belgrade and contribute to the good spirit and energy of Sri Chinmoy organized events. The runners are Toni Perušič who will be running the whole 24 hours while David Pehnec and Daniel Fazlić will run at the 12 hours event.

We wish them all light feet and a clear head. Enjoy the race and make as many laps as possible. Good luck to you guys.

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