Sending good energy to all the Spartathloners

Its’ a break of a new dawn.

Actually  it is 10 PM in Greece at the time of writing this first blog. My thoughts are with all the runners of Spartathlon. In few hours they will greet their second dawn on the road from Acropolis to the feet of King Leonidas. I wish them all the best on this demanding and inspiring trek.

Among them is Lojze Primožič. He is one of the top Slovenian ultramarathoners. A fine representative of the current generation of runners. This is his third Spartathlon. He finished 11th in 2010 and dropped out last year.

This year he is in to finish. And finish in style he will. As the live timing data tells us he is running 9th at the Checkpoint 35. Go go Lojze!

Ultrarunning Slovenia is dedicated to runners like Lojze. We want to honor their grit and determination. Their physical abilities, their stamina and above all – the head above their shoulders. To have a strong pair of legs and capable lungs is only a half of the way. The better part is in your head. Some would say that everything is in the head.

As I go to sleep my thoughts are on the road to Sparta. And on every road and track that we love to run and run far. Tomorrow it will be a new dawn and a new opportunity. I hope that for the runners of Spartathlon it will be the day to remember for a long long time.

A happy finish to Spartathloners and a happy beginning to Ultrarunning Slovenia.



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Ervin is a husband, father, a dog person and a runner who loves to run far (and slow). He is a founder of The Running Forum Slovenia and an editor of several websites including Ultrarunning Slovenia - a tribute to Slovenian ultramarathoners.

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